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Commonly used pipe fitting mould abnormal handling prevention emergency treatment method

Commonly used pipe fitting mould abnormal handling prevention emergency treatment method

Commonly used pipe fitting mouldabnormal handling prevention emergency treatment method: The purpose of this method is to clarify the sudden emergency of the pipe fitting mould, how should we accurately report the emergency incident to the relevant person in charge, the mold handler, and ensure that the emergency incident is received Deal with it in a timely manner to minimize the risks to costs and delivery due to emergencies.

Prevention and emergency treatment of pipe fitting mould abnormalities during operation: The pipe fitting moulds in operation are divided into the following three types: horizontal semi-automatic (manual) machine, horizontal all-self (manipulator) machine, and vertical semi-automatic machine.

Horizontal semi-automatic machine: The operator must move the product along the ejection direction of the ejector pin when the ejector pin of the pipe fitting mould is ejected, and take the product out. When the product sticks to the mold or finds that the ejector pin cannot be loosened, the technician should be notified for abnormal handling immediately .

Horizontal automatic machine: If the product is alarmed during the operation of the horizontal automatic machine, the technician should immediately confirm the cause of the machine abnormality and eliminate the abnormal method. If the mold is abnormal, the mold should be signed immediately The maintenance record sheet shall be notified to the personnel of the mold department for handling.

Vertical semi-automatic machine: During the operation, the operator must ensure that the terminals are in place. If there are molds for fixtures, they must ensure that the terminals are in place before starting the mold. When it is not in place or the molded product is crushed In the case of the terminal, the technician must be notified of the fault in the queue.

Emergency treatment and repair of pipe fitting mould:

When the product quality is abnormally established and cannot be fine-tuned through the on-site process parameters (guarantee conditions are within the benchmark tolerance range), and the pipe fitting mould orders are contending, the molding assistant of the manufacturing department will stamp the urgent parts stamp on the mold maintenance record sheet and do Recognize and sign the urgent case to confirm the validity of the urgent case.

Post time: Oct-27-2020