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About Us

About Us

Longxin mould was established in 2019, and the original company was founded in 2006,We have been committed to the design and manufacture of pipe fittings mould for more than 15 years.Our main products are CPVC pipe fitting moulds, UPVC pipe moulds, PVC flaring pipe molds, PPR pipe fitting moulds.

We have special experience in the production of custom plastic fittings mould. Including sewer and drainage system, drinking water supply, roof drainage system, including PVC / CPVC / PPR / PP / HDPE / etc.

In the past 15 years, Longxin mould has been committed to the research and development of pipe fitting mould technology, adhering to the people-oriented concept and manufacturing technology, which has become more and more popular all over the world, and we will continue to research and development to meet the needs of our new and old customers.

According to the function of the pipe fitting, we can divide the pipe fitting mould into the following types

1. Mould for PVC pipe fittings (for high and low pressure i.e. water supply and drainage)

1) CPVC pipe fitting mould for high pressure area

2) UPVC pipe mould for drainage

3) PVC flaring pipe mould (core pulling system for water supply)

4) Wire fitting mold, all kinds of PVC pipe fittings inlaid in the wall.

2. PPR pipe fitting mould (for indoor water supply system, cold and hot water)

Comprehensive pipe mold forming service

Longxin mould can also provide customers with the most comprehensive pipe fitting mould forming service, and deliver projects or products that meet customers' requirements in the shortest time: from the conception of PVC, CPVC, PPR and other products to the drawings of final products, or even real objects made by 3D printing or experimental mould; From mold flow analysis to mold design, assembly and testing; From the molding of pipe fitting to the final delivery; From mold maintenance to free replacement parts, we can get customer satisfaction, is our biggest motivation.

Contact us

If you are looking for a reliable supplier of pipe mould, please contact us immediately. The professional sales team of Longxin mould will contact you as soon as possible.

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