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Three cleaning methods for PVC pipes

Three cleaning methods for PVC pipes


No matter which type of pipe needs to be cleaned for a long time, so is the PVC pipe. So in order to make cleaning more convenient for everyone, here are three cleaning products for everyone, I hope everyone will gain.


 1. Chemical cleaning: chemical cleaning of PVC pipes is to use chemical reagents to temporarily transform the pipes, with temporary pipes and circulating pump stations for chemical cleaning cycles from both ends of the pipes.


 2. PIG pigging: The PIG pigging technology is driven by a pump, and the generated fluid drives the PIG (pig) to push the pipe forward, and discharge the dirt accumulated in the PVC pipe from the pipe, so as to achieve the purpose of cleaning.


 3. High-pressure water cleaning: Use a high-pressure water jet above 50Mpa to remove the dirt on the surface of the PVC pipe for high-pressure water jet cleaning. This technology is mainly used for short-distance pipelines, and the diameter of the pipeline must be greater than 50cm.


The above is the knowledge sharing of today’s PVC pipes, and I hope it will be helpful to you. We have mastered this knowledge, so it will be relatively simple to clean, but it will also extend the service life of the product.


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Post time: Nov-30-2021