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CPVC 45°Elbow Fitting Mould

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We Longxin Mould Co., Ltd. have focused on the manufacture and research of pipe fitting moulds for fifteen years. Like this CPVC 45°Elbow Fitting Mould, we use the highest quality steel and the most reasonable design.

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Origin: Taizhou, Zhejiang, China

Brand: CPVC mould

Model: CPVC 45 °flaring die

Moulding mode: plastic injection mould

Product material: Steel

Products: household goods

Name: China high quality plastic CPVC pipe fitting mould

Cavity: 2 cavities

Design: 3D or 2D

Runner type: cold runner

Die steel: p20h / 718 / 2316 / 2738, etc

Mould base: LKM, HASCO, DME

Mould life: 500000

Sampling time: 60-90 days

Colors: all colors



The pipe fitting mould can be made according to your requirements. Customize different thicknesses, please contact us for specific requirements, we will serve you wholeheartedly, and the characteristics of the mold materials are as follows:


1. The organization is more pure and finer;

2. Excellent corrosion resistance, polishability, good wear resistance and machinability;

3. Excellent dimensional stability during hardening.

4. Long life

5. Suitable for all molds, especially corrosive PVC and other pipe fitting molds;

6. Suitable for PVC, PP, PC and other plastic molding molds.


1. Uniform material;

2. Excellent polishing performance and graphite flower;

3. It has high hardenability and good electrical processing performance. Used for PS, PE, PP, ABS and other plastic pipe fitting molds..


1. High corrosion resistance, high polishability;

2. Excellent machinability, strong hardness and permeability. Suitable for corrosive PVC and other pipe fitting molds.


1. Uniform hardness;

2. Good polishing performance and photoetching performance;

3. Good processing performance.

4. Suitable for pipe fitting molds with high surface finish.

5. The pre-hardened steel can meet the needs of general use. The mold life can reach 50W times, and the mold life after nitriding treatment can reach more than 100W times.

Warm Reminder of Longxin Mould Co., Ltd.:

The above product pictures, prices and attributes of CPVC 45°Elbow Fitting Mould are for reference only. For details, please call or Wangwang online consultation. We sincerely look forward to cooperating with you! Due to the particularity of the pipe fitting mould product, the unit price of the pipe fitting mould is not fixed according to your requirements. The more detailed the product data provided, the more accurate the mold quotation will be. Therefore, when you provide the mold opening requirements, please be accurate with your relevant mold opening information and data, preferably with accurate drawings or product samples. We will provide you with an accurate and detailed quotation based on the information you provide.

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