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CPVC Yee Tee Fitting Mould

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Longxin mould,We are the most professional mould maker in Zhejiang province,China for all of the specifications of  PP-R pipe fittings mould,Drain PVC/UPVC/CPVC pipe fittings mould,PP compressor fittings mould,Ball valve mould,etc.Welcome come to visit us.

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Origin: Taizhou, Zhejiang, China

Brand: CPVC mould

Model: CPVC Yee Tee flaring die

Moulding mode: plastic injection mould

Product material: Steel

Products: household goods

Name: China high quality plastic CPVC pipe fitting mould

Cavity: 2 cavities

Design: 3D or 2D

Runner type: cold runner

Die steel: p20h / 718 / 2316 / 2738, etc

Mould base: LKM, HASCO, DME

Mould life: 500000

Sampling time: 60-90 days

Colors: all colors

UPVC Yee Tee Pipe Fitting Mould

Longxin mould factory experience in various plastic moulds,like PPR moulds,PP compression fittings moulds,PE fittings moulds since year 2000.

1)Mould design: Mould deisgn according to your product drawing or sample.

2)Steel material: P20, 718H, NAK80, S136, SKD61, 8407, 2344or customers's appointed material.

3) Mould type: Plastic mould, hot runner mould, double injection mould, insert mould.

4)Mould processing: Using advanced equipment for the moulds, including digital control CNC(computer manufacturing center), EDM(electric-spark machine), several line cutting machines, multi-function milling machines etc .

The main Mould Steel and Hardness for you reference:
Steel Grade S50C P20 P20HH 718H 2738H H13 S136 NAK80
Hardness(HRC) 17-22 27-30 33-37 33-38 36-40 45-52 48~52 34-40
CPVC Yee Tee Fitting Mould
Mold production
Mold production

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Request for quotation?

1. Sample photo with size or 2D/3D drawing

2. Cavity NO.

3. Runner type, cold or hot

4. Mould material, P20, 718, 2311,2344,2738,H13,SKD61,S136,2316,an so on.

5. Your Injection molding machine specification

Our advantage

1.  The most Experienced and professional boss who can answer all of your questions related to moulds in english.

2.  Good quality and long life mould.

3.  The most reasonable price.

4.  Delivery on time

5.  Send project schedule report and pictures to buyer to updaing the progress of mould making.

6.  Our international sales team work 14 hours per day to serve you

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